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Microsoft word 2013 assessment test free download.Free Sample Microsoft Word Questions


Microsoft word 2013 assessment test free download.Microsoft Office Skills Assessment Tests


Pass Your Microsoft Word Test.Free Microsoft Word Test Preparation – Test Prep XP


The Microsoft Word test is held by multiple companies to understand and evaluate how capable their prospective employees are in using Microsoft Word. Various tasks are given at different levels of difficulty, increasing with progress in each level. The test can be task oriented, or can also be done through interactive sessions, depending on how Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins. Learn how to pass Word Assessment Test to secure your dream job. Take a shortcut to learn how to get ready to pass the test the fastest way possible. Learn how to answer 50 most frequently asked questions. Learn from the expert who helped prepare students to pass Word Assessment Test. Microsoft Word is used in a lot of different jobs. Free Online MICROSOFT WORD Practice & Preparation Tests. Search Result for microsoft word. Author. View Profile. View Test. Click on your test category: N.


Microsoft word 2013 assessment test free download.How To Pass A Microsoft Word Test (Free Practice Questions)

Details. Microsoft Office Training Practice Test to analyze your skills and knowledge base. Instructions. To attempt this multiple choice test, click the ‘Take Test’ button. Do not press the Refresh or Back button, else your test will be automatically submitted. Use the ‘Next’ button to move on to the next question. Sep 16,  · A Microsoft Word test is an assessment designed to test your proficiency with using the programme. The test focuses on a range of commonly used functions within Microsoft Word, including document editing, table and graphic creation, formatting and file ted Reading Time: 7 mins. Free Microsoft Word Test. On the page below, you will find several sample questions stylised after those found in a Microsoft Word assessment. Use the questions on this page to get an idea of where your Microsoft Word skills truly lie.
Microsoft Word Test
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Free Online MICROSOFT WORD Practice & Preparation Tests
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Microsoft Office skills assessment tests

When you open Word for the first time, you can see the Start Screen. From here, you’ll be able to create a new document or choose from many available templates, or to get access your recently edited documents.

Action: On the Start Screen, locate and select Blank document to access the Word interface see highlighted on the screen below. Answers and explanations included!!! Microsoft Word continues to use features like the Ribbon and the Quick Access Toolbar—where you will find commands to perform common tasks in Word—as well as Backstage view.

Microsoft Word uses a Ribbon interface instead of traditional menus. The Ribbon contains multiple tabs, with key functions, which you can find near the top of the Word window. Once you click on the small arrow you will see additional information on related group below example captures additional information on the font group. Users can zoom in and zoom out the document, using controls in the bottom right corner. User can click plus or minus buttons or drag the slider to change the zoom.

User can switch between different views of the document by using controls to the left of the zoom interface:. After copy is completed you can paste the text by putting cursor into the new place and clicking Paste button.

If you would like to learn more about Microsoft Word to for your interview make sure to click on the link below to get discounted price on the training course:. Show Answer. Correct Answer is 3: A bookmark works in conjunction with hyperlinks to allow you to quickly jump to a specific location in your documents.

Vadim is very passionate about Milwaukee community and teaches classes to underprivileged students at local community college to help them get employed. Throughout his consulting career Vadim studied a lot of tools and technologies and learned hiring process by helping organizations to hire candidates and also supported students to get prepared and to pass interview and assessment tests.

Vadim loves to share his knowledge with and enjoys teaching new skills to help you get hired for your dream job. Below are other relevant resources available on the topic you can consider them to accelerate your learning. Skip to content. In This Article:. Question 1. You are finalizing a two-page memo. Instead of having word choose where page 1 closures you want to next passage to start on the head of page 2.

How you do accomplish this? You can also insert a manual page break anytime you want to start a new page in your document. Put your cursor where you want one page to end and the next to begin. Question 2. How do we insert the content of an existing word document into your current word document? There is a temptation to copy and paste if you want to insert a Word document into another Word document but there is a better way to handle it instead of copy and paste.

The good thing is that word now has a feature that would allow you to insert Word document into Word. Question 3. You need to set a wider inside margin to oblige binding a file where pages are printed on the both sides.

Which choice would it be advisable for you to pick in the page setup dialog box? Different odd and even pages Book Fold Mirror margin Landscape Show Answer Correct Answer is 3: Mirror margin Use mirror margins to set up facing pages for double-sided documents, such as books or magazines.

The margins of the left page are a mirror image of those on the right page That is, the inside margins are the same width and the outside margins are the same width. Question 4. Which feature let you place ghosted logo or text behind the regular text on your document? Question 5. How do you select the paper size for a document? Depending on your project, you may need to adjust your document’s page size. It’s important to note that before modifying the default page size, you should check to see which page sizes your printer can accommodate.

In Europe, the A4 size is used. Question 6. Which option lets you mark your favorite templates for quick reuse in the future? Point to the template in the list of templates, and select the pin icon that appears below the thumbnail in the list of templates. Word includes many professional-looking templates for you to choose from. To get started, select one and save it as a document.

Question 7. How can you change the appearance of an entire table in single step? Apply a cell style Right click a table and choose a new style Apply a graphic style Apply a table style Show Answer Correct Answer is 4: Apply a table style After you create a table, you can format the entire table by using Table Styles. By resting your pointer over each of the preformatted table styles, you can preview what the table will look like.

To see more styles, click the More arrow Button. Question 8. Searching for on will not find words such as onion. Match Case: Finds text that exactly matches the uppercase and lowercase letters you type. Replace All: Searches and replaces text throughout the entire document.

Question 9. Which statement best describes how a bookmark is used in a Word document? A bookmark is a color-coded graphic that appears in the navigation pane for easy access to a specific location in your documents A bookmark is a link in your documents that can give you quick access to webpages, files, and other locations in your documents. A bookmark works in conjunction with hyperlinks to allow you to quickly jump to a specific location in your documents. A bookmark is a hyperlink where the label is automatically generated Show Answer Correct Answer is 3: A bookmark works in conjunction with hyperlinks to allow you to quickly jump to a specific location in your documents.

Bookmarks allow you to assign names to text or to positions in your document. In this way, you locate them easily, just like when you put a physical bookmark in a book to save your place.

In Word, bookmarks are saved with the document file. Thus, you can assign bookmarks in different files that use the same name. Each file can have up to approximately bookmarks defined. Question What is NOT an option when inviting a colleague to collaborate on a document? Including a personalized message Show Answer Correct Answer is 1: Granting the administrative access With Word for the web, share your file with co-workers to start collaborating immediately.

And whether you need to create, co-edit, or view your version history, work from anywhere with Word for the web, no matter where you are. Watch Other Tutorials Review other relevant tutorials on the topic? Next Steps Below are other relevant resources available on the topic you can consider them to accelerate your learning.